I'm fine

Hey guys!
Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm fine and that I've been really busy doing nothing, which is why I haven't written in a while. Well, no, I haven't been doing nothing, I've been keeping fairly busy actually.

To summarize most of it:

  • Shit is going on with my youngest sister again and I worry a lot about her and the whole situation is taking a toll on me (this time as well).
  • I have been working away on the writing-page. It takes a long time to get it done and I'm currently writing about the pro's of writing as well as the whole process of writing. It is a big project, both the writing-page as well as writing in general.
  • Also, I've been watching a shitload of Netflix series. It sucks major donkey balls that Netflix decided to release a bunch of new stuff all at once because as a Netflix fan I am now forced to watch it. Among the things I've watched I've seen a man get his lawn stolen (Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords), I've seen two parents getting shot and then have the rifles used given to their kid as compensation (Fear Thy Neighbor), as well as nurses who kills, and people being really unfortunate and dying a weird death, or people getting stalked and killed, or people getting killed and eaten by cannibals, or people getting killed because they were having an affair. Basically just murderers, and I'm 100% blaming Netflix for suggesting this stuff for me.
  • I've also made several phone calls and made some serious decicions about my health and economy which is fucking horrible at the moment, like imagine a ravine and my life is all the way down there. Not a deep ravine but like enough to hurt your knees when you land.
  • I've cried a lot. My 25th birthday is coming up which I've mentioned before and it brings a lot of negative feelings with it. I'm thankful for have been alive for this long but I've put so much pressure on myself throughout these past like.. 12 years, and my way of coping with being a total loser and complete failure has been "oh, well you have to have a plan, and then when you're 25, you need to know what you want to do with your life. You have until 25 to decide and make something out of yourself" and now 25 is here and I'm not ready. Like, I'm literally thinking about working as a person who get paid for texting strangers about sex, that's how far I've come in my life.
  • I've spent more time outside doing stuff (99% of it being playing Pokémon Go).
So all this combined means that I haven't been able to post. I will return soon and I want to write, but I also want you guys to know what's going on in my life and as someone who writes here surprisingly often I needed this break.

I love you guys
I love you mom


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