How the swedish justice system is failing my family, and why

Hey guys!
Long time no see indeed, a couple of days since I posted a long, real post and here's what has happened since last time we talked.

We spent Good Friday with my grandpa and my cousins and it was fun. We ate and laughed and I was kinda stressed out because while we were there Pokémon Go was about to release a major update to the game. I am a Pokémon Go fanatic, that's not a secret, so even though we were out on this fun event I couldn't stop thinking about the game. The only negative thing was that some of the kids might have brought some sickness with them from daycare and now I'm so fucking sick again.
I started to get sick around the middle of December last year and that cold turned into a worse cold, that then turned into sinusitis, and then that evolved to bronchitis. It did get better, I stopped taking medication about a month ago I think, and now all that shit is happening all over again and I'm actually very sad about it. Not only is it a major pain, but it's spring and I want to be outside and hang out with people and be able to speak without feeling like I have razors in my throat cutting me with every word.
But okay, moving on.

I've also continued my Netflix spree that I briefly wrote about in my previous post. Netflix has been suggesting so much weird stuff lately and as a contributing member of society I am forced to watch it. Right now I'm watching Lockup, where we get to follow different prisons and jails and meet inmates from them and know their story. It's bloody, it's saddening and it's aweful, but it's also kinda interesting.

Tomorrow I'll be "moving" to a family friend's apartment. I'm going to watch their apartment and their two dogs while they're on their honeymoon. I'll be away for eight days which is both good and bad because I'll be missing my little pearl of wonder, but at the same time I'll (hopefully) have plenty of time to get some writing done, both on this page as well as my own writing.

Now to the subject the title is about. I've shared some stuff about my family before, at least briefly, but it's a big problem and it's actually growing, which we didn't think was possible. Not to name call or anything, although I'd love to do it, my youngest sister has been having a rough time.
She's 12 years old but due to PTSD she's not as mature as other kids her age are. She's lacking some vital knowledge and survival skills which is worrisome and it's going to take many years for her to get back on track. She also has one hell of an attitute, like holy shit she'd make Donald Trump bow down for sure.
Our dad and her mother split in a really shitty divorce and nobody really claimed her and took care of her. I guess my dad did the best he could but he was working in Finland when all this took place so he didn't have that much to offer her at that moment.
Years flew by with my sister not being allowed contact with me and my dad thanks to her mom. I don't want to go into details but her mom really is a piece of work and she doesn't care about any of her children, especially not my little sister.

My sister, her mother and her mother's new husband recently moved to another city where my sister doesn't go to school so she doesn't have any friends and her mother doesn't care if she goes either. Horrible situation and my sister feels incredibly left out because her mother don't pay her any attention and I live far away with a life of my own and our dad has his life and he only has access rights, rather than shared custody so he can't do much either.
We've been in contact with social services and CPS so many years now because of this and they have failed my sister, 100%. Police has been in contact with CPS SEVERAL TIMES, different schools have been in contact with them, doctors and even her dentist because she hasn't gone to the dentist in several years so they're like "hey we were about to install braces on this kid why hasn't she shown up?" Yeah that's a good question actually, and I'm 99% sure it's because her mom doesn't care enough to drive her all the way there. My sis once broke her hand, and then the cast broke and her mom was like "sucks to be you I guess" and she didn't drive my sister to get a new one for a week. She went with a broken cast for her broken hand for a week.

So it's been shit like this constantly, her bed is moldy so she's sleeping on couch pillows near her mother's bed and she says they never have food at home because her mom uses all the money to buy alcohol and cigarettes and she's outgrown all of her moldy childish clothes so she doesn't have anything to wear and it's all shit like this, like I can tell you guys so much more about this sad kid because there's an infinite amount of garbage to take from, but I don't want  you to be as upset as I am because believe me, I am.

Moving on from this, yesterday was what we assumed was the last straw. I (and some more but I don't represent them) really want her to go into foster care. It sounds horrible, I've already had a brother that's been in the system and it ended up wayyy worse than we thought, but my sister has two parents who are incapable of taking care of her. They don't have the patience or understanding or knowledge to take care of a "special needs" child, and frankly I don't think they want to either. It would ruin them AND her, so I would much rather see her with a family that can take care of her and help her and see her become a healthy adult with no more anger issues. I want her to become someone's foster child because I want my sister to have a future which is something her parents can't provide. So then when my dad called me yesterday and told me to call my sister I was obviously worried because something had happened, but partially a little "happy" because now there might be something happening and we might get somewhere. And boy was I wrong.
I called my sister, she ran away from home again, she took the dog with her for company and she just roamed this big, not-so-safe-city freely. We were trying to track her down and she ended up at the central bus station in the city and I kept her company on the phone and tried to tell her to not leave that place and not walk too far away from the guards nearby and to NOT get on the train to my dad's, because that wouldn't solve anything. In the meantime, her garbage mother tried to call our dad and tell him to pick her up or tell her to go home or tell her where she is etc., but if my dad (first of all, legally he doesn't have to do any of this as harsh as it sounds, he does not have custody, just like the garbage-mother wants it to be, so legally he doesn't have to do anything), keepings rescuing her and keeps solving every problem for her mother, then she'll never learn or take care of her daughter because why should she when everything always works out? So he stood his ground yesterday, I'm so happy about it because it's the road to change that we want, but it didn't work out. My sis was out for many, many hours and she barely ate and it was constant arguing and finally some staff at the station talked to the security guards about this girl that's been hanging around for an entire day, and they called the police who then picked her up. They brought her to the CPS office who told the cops to drive her back home. Even after telling hem about the fighting and injustice and everything that's been going on at home, they just drive her back home. And that to me is goddamn bananas.

She was home around 11 pm. last night and then she called me again at 2.30 am. and told me that she was running away again and that she wanted money for the train ticket to get to my dad's place and everything and I told her that I knew what she felt but she couldn't walk around that city in the middle of the night at twelve years old. She cried so heartfelt and her mother was screaming in the backgound and I just wanted to punch her in her fucking face (her mother). She suddenly hung up and neither me or dad has been able to come into contact with her today so I'm very worried.

In all honestly, her mother is the kind of garbage that I'm actually sure would make the world a better place by leaving it. I'm sorry, I would never hurt her because that's not how I am even though I've wanted to a couple of times, but her mom only brings negativity with her and she don't deserve all the good things she has. My sister is worth much more than her mother will ever understand.

And moving on to why the social services has failed us and many more, since I've just mentioned how; they don't do anything to help until it's too late. We see it and read about it all the time, they don't do anything until it's too late because nobody wants to be blamed for a poorly made desicion. It's not until a kid dies or gets very badly hurt or start with some extreme behavior that CPS is like "well, if we've only seen this coming, then boy would we fix this before this person committed suicide". I love Sweden with all my heart, but we don't take care of our people and it hurts to know that and stand by a nation that doesn't defend the smallest individuals before it's too late. This happens so, so, so, so, so often and I'm so fucking tired of it and we need a change. Now. My sister is not a toy or statistics and rather than CPS not wanting to take action because they don't want to get blamed if things go wrong, move her to someone that can take care of her, ask her why she's hurting herself and why she's running away. Listen to her because some day she might be that "another kid died today, wish we could have saved her, we've just had about 5 years to do so already. Well, another one to the list".

I guess all I'm doing in this post is complain but this is a very tricky situation where we as family have our hands tied and it's killing me to know what my sister is going through without being able to save her.


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