Hey guys!
So like I said, I am back. It's going to take some time to get into the blog life again, and right now I'm actually sick so that doesn't help at all. I'm currently playing a lot of Banished, which is a game where you start off with like 15 people and three cows and then you have to start building your town and make it grow. I wouldn't call the game fun, but addictive as hell, and since it's incredibly SLOW I have a lot of time to write. Right now I have my notebook next to me, writing down everything I come up with as I go along.

So right now my notebooks is filled with ideas. Some which completely suck that I know I won't ever write, and nobody would want to read either, and some that are pretty decent. But it's important for me to write them down even if they're complete garbage because then it's like I can let go of that idea. So it's like "it's on paper, you can look back on it instead of remembering it, now drop it", which I guess is the best advice I can give right now - if you have an idea, no matter the quality, write it down so you can let it go.



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