A bit of responsibility

Hey guys!

Right now I'm working and watching That 70's Show on Netflix. I work from home right now, customer support for an online site which is okay, not much work but some people are super rude for no reason. And it's really tiresome, it's wearing me out completely, but it's an income.

Another (incredibly small, like, abysmal) job that I've gotten is as a substitute role in our version of the homeowner's association. I absolutely didn't plan on having this task but maybe it'll be good for me with some responsibility for once.
So how did I get in to this roll, you might not ask because it's not that interesting? Well.. I went to an annual HOA meeting for our neighborhood and we've had a lot of shit within our neighborhood this last year so nobody wanted to be board members this time. After like 10 minutes of yelling, asking people if they wanted to join only to hear "nope, never ever in my life", I was asked and "well I guess if it means we can go on with the meeting". So now I'm a substitute and fire safety responsible, and I'm signing up to a bunch of different lectures to know more because I want to do the right thing with my time.

Nothing much have happened since last time, I've just slept basically.


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