Game review: Fran Bow

Hey guys!
Today I want to write about something different than what I usually post. I've been stressed out of my mind these past weeks and I haven't really found a new game to get attached to, but then I bought Origin Access, and when you do that you get access to a bunch of different games without having to pay for them. And that's how I found Fran Bow.

I didn't think that I was going to play through the entire game to be honest, but I got completely hooked after just a couple of minutes and I finished the game like three minutes ago.

The game starts with you, a ten year old girl, who have witnessed you parents being brutally murdered. You wake up in the middle of the woods after that and taken to an asylum where you're treated like shit basically. The point with the game is that you, Fran, want to know what happened to your parents and be reunited with your cat Mr. Midnight. You recieve your "medication" which allows Fran to see into other realities, which is a really good thing to help you through the game because something that isn't possible in one reality makes perfect sense in another one so you constantly have to switch between them to find solutions.

Along the way, and countless pills, Fran's view on reality starts to change and she has a hard time telling them apart, to the point where she actually doesn't really need her medication at the end.

The game is full of puzzles and mind games and I felt like you really needed to focus in order to get through the game without clicking every single thing. It is a hard game if you're not used to putting stuff together to find solutions etc., and there was I think two times where I had to look for a walkthrough to pass some things. It's also gory AS FUCK, LIKE LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK.

The graphic is another really cool thing with this game since it's 2D and point-and-click. I think it's done gory and beautifully with all the details and how the characters are created. It's gives you kinda like a paper doll feeling, while moving seamless.

It resembles American McGee's Alice: Madness and Alice: Madness Returns a lot, which I guess Killmonday (the creators) used for inspiration, because Alice is messed up, they're both extremely messed up games with focus on mental health and what we think, or don't think, is reality. What happenes and how the mind protect you from the truth. I highly recommend Alice as well, Returns is one of my absolute favorite game.

I don't want to spoil the game because I really want you to play it on your own, it took me roughly 6 hours and I wasn't in a rush.



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