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I know, I know, we've all seen or read them. "Omg I was gone for awhile but now I'm back and I'm gonna be the best blogger ever, but then I'm gonna go away for awhile again..." And today I kinda wanna address the fact that I'm like that. I try not to be, because this blog is my life, I love writing here and spreading my hate for humanity, but in reality, my private life doesn't always allow me to write. So when I write, I write, and when I don't, you can contact me and tell me to.

I sat down with my big writing-folder last night, took out all of the small paper pieces that is now my timeline, started to write numbers on them and placing them in each act they belong in, and then I had this realisation that I don't have enough scenes to continue this book. And as someone with an already incredibly fragile ego, this actually hurt. It was this feeling of I'm not good enough, and I (obviously) didn't like that this at all. A part of me is devastated that this writing a book on the first try isn't the easiest thing in the world (which is stupid because this is a major project and nobody sits down one afternoon and just writes a perfect book), but I'm also kinda relieved that I don't have to start writing just yet. I've been writing some of my bigger scenes, they feel great and I'm on my way, but I don't have to write an entire book right now. So it's back to the drawing board for awhile. But, we'll get through this too!

Right now though, I'm gonna take (another) nap. Sorry mom!
Love you guys ❤️

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The title is so freaking accurate right now..

Welcome back, guys!

So I've looked around the world wide web to find a hint about what part I should start writing first. I have my characters somewhat finished (you can download a very basic template here), I have my timeline almost completely set up with the index cards in order (you can find out more about index cards here) as well as the themes all set and the emotions that I want to portray as well. So what's left is... Writing. I know that I was supposed to be, or try to be, one of those cool bloggers that spend my entire day just posting awesome tips and hints about how you can write your perfect story but in all honesty, my private life is killing me right now. What's bothering me the most about that part of my life is that it contains a lot of secrets that aren't mine to share, and there's a lot going on that could end up like shit if I started to spread what's happening. Maybe some day when the dust has settled I can bring it up again because I want to be honest with you guys, I just can't right now.

Enough about me! So "supposedly", when you're somewhat happy with the timeline (which you can change later if you feel like some cards are in the wrong order), you should start writing the biggest scenes. I have a couple of bigger scenes, one being a car crash in the beginning that I've already written, which turned out pretty okay. Another one is kinda like a twist right after the climax, and it's basically just blood. I might change this later because so far, it's pretty gruesome. But expect blood. This is where I'm at right now, so you guys know. If you're interested in knowing how to best write some scenes, writethatscene is a great site that easily can help you out.

Polly is looking at me right now so I'm guessing we're going for a walk!
See you later alligator! ❤️

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Hey guys!

I recently wrote that I visited my dad for a couple of days, and that I have to take a four-ish hour train to get there, and then another four back home. As we all know, people are complete nutcases, and sometimes those nutcases are allowed outside. I personally am planning on starting my own campaign that forces loud people to stay inside for the rest of their lives. You can now order to get your weekly groceries delivered, you obviously have access to internet otherwise you're downright scary, and some jobs allow you to work from home.
Now, this is a very big problem for me; I don't like loud people. People that take up space are usually the type of people I avoid. And every single time I get on a train something happens.

So the trainride up to Gothenburg where I have to switch trains were fairly normal; the buss from home into Helsingborg was late so I had to run for a bit but fine other than that. And then I went on the train that goes to Skovde from Gothenburg, and this is one of those trains where you don't book a specific seat, like the train before. I sit down near the exit because everywhere else is full and a guy sits down next to me, and then some stressed out dude runs and almost jumps onto the train, like slow down dude, you're on the train. He runs in, sits down, gets up and just as the train starts to roll, he starts to bang on the doors and scream that he made a mistake, it's the wrong train and he needs to get off. This is in perfect Swedish, mind you.
He sighs, sits down and then the train attendant comes to check his ticket AND SUDDENLY he doesn't speak swedish. I'm not going to sugarcoat this or anything, he didn't look like a "native" swede because we're pale as fuck and he wasn't.
It's now a problem because he doesn't have a ticket for this train and he insists on not speaking swedish, so the attendant found someone to translate everything so that he could tell him the get the fuck off the train, literally.
This doesn't work, the attendant had to call for "backup" (another attendant) and now they're almost dragging this guy and the translator to the exit where we're sitting. It's a small space and I'm like "oh shit, what if they punch me instead, this face is a freaking money maker and that can't happen", but I still didn't leave. The train stops because there's a problem up ahead with the track and everybody starts to talk to their friends and the argument is over. Then as soon as we start to roll, they're back at it. They argue, the grab each other and it ends with both the dude and the translator getting kicked of the train. No biggie, we're almost at my station. I start to relax, and another guy, middle-aged, shows up and starts to talk (a little bit racist), to the train attendant WHO AGREES. The middle-aged man then decides to show some measurements or some shit like that and doesn't realise that I'm "in the way" (I was here before you were even born pal, YOU move), and he (not so hard) slaps me in the face. Even when I'm not involved, I'm the one that gets slapped.

Which leads us to the ride back. I love to be on time, I think it's disrespectful to not be, because it doesn't only affect you but the people around you if you're late. So I was at the station like 25 minutes before the train was about to go. I get on the train but I had to stand up because the train was so freaking packed with people. I had two big bags with me and I didn't shower so I smelled horrible, and on top of that I was super stressed because I only had about 15 minutes between the trains this time and it takes a pretty long time to walk between the different trains. I stand up, everything's ok and we start to roll. We drive for maybe 10 minutes and then we suddenly stop. "What is it now?..."
"Hello passengers, this is the driver speaking. We're currently on the wrong track and we need to go back for a bit to correct this". That's fine, but we didn't "go back for a bit", we jumped all the way back to the previous station. It took maybe 20 minutes, and now I'm freaking out because I don't have that much time to spare right now.
Anyways, we start to roll after that and it's going smooth. The attendant checked my ticket and I asked her if we were gonna get to Gothenburg on time and she said "I can't promise that we'll get there on time, but we'll get there sooner or later", and honestly, what the frick kinda answer is that. I could have walked, and I would still have gotten there sooner or later.
She leaves, and a couple shows up (the train is a double decker), and the girl sits in the middle of the stairs and the guy is like bending over her. I mean, it looked very similar to a 20 minute blowjob but I really didn't wanna look in case there were a hidden camera somewhere. What made it all so weird though was that next to their bags they had a typical plastic bag that you get at any supermarket, and in that bag was an open bag of chips, AND IN THAT BAG was another open bag of chips. What?

We got to Gothenburg on time, I managed to run in to Burger King on my way to the train, I stood in line, stressed, and when I got to the front of the line the cash registrer broke. How does this even happen? I got in the back of another line, waited for my turn, got up and then a just-served customer comes back like "I WANTED THIS TO GO!!!" Enough about Burger King; I ran to my train, I got on the train to Helsingborg but it was really empty so I was so scared that I was on the wrong train. I couldn't even fake not knowing swedish so I would have zero clue on how to solve this problem if I was on the wrong train. Now, when I say it's empty; we were 7 passengers on the whole train. There were 7 carts and I was completely alone in mine. The train attendant came by and went "you can sit anywhere you want today, this trains was supposed to be canceled so everybody took other trains. If you feel lonely there's two passengers in the next cart." It was a much welcomed break from reality those two-ish hours back to Helsingborg, that's all I can say.

This always happens, I can't just get on a train and sit down in peace, something always happens. And I'm not gonna go on a rant or anything because this post is enough already, but if you're on the train or bus or anything really, you need to know that the people around you have paid to be in that space, and you just happen to be there at the same time. We as passengers have paid just as much as you to go somewhere and we kinda want our space and our time there to be "our". Don't be loud, don't ruin it for the rest of us, don't fight with people because we as other passengers want our time there to be as good and calm as possible. Just stop.

Now I'm going to dedicate this evening to Buzzfeed Blues series Buzzfeed Unsolved, it's probably  the only good thing to ever come out of Buzzfeed and I highly suggest you watch it. There's Unsolved True Crime and Unsolved Supernatural.


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"Back to life, back to reality..."

Hey guys!

SO I AM HOME after a VERY long week. I've been at my dad's place babysitting my sister. Without getting into it too much; my sister have a pretty big need for extra help in her day-to-day life and there's also been some (not-so-pleasant) developments in my life so this week was not good. But now I'm home for roughly a week and a half, trying to catch up on my life before going back for a couple of days.
Bad things about this week; some.
Good things about this week; I've gotten a hecking big load of work done and it feel so good! I think last time we talked was about the index cards and as I might have mentioned; you're supposed to have roughly 60 cards; 15 for the first art (the beginning), 30 for the middle act (where everything happens) and then another 15 for the last act (where all of the ends are tied together and Prince Charming kisses the frog). I'm done with almost all of the cards I've chosen and the story is basically done, so now all I actually have to do is.. To write the book. I've also put a deadline on this projects because if I don't I will simply never finish it. There's always gonna be stuff that I want to change, I will never be fully satisfied with the story and I will always doubt myself, so by putting a deadline on this project I will do all of the basics, if there's more time after that I might change it a bit, polish it, but then I'm done. SO, new years eve is when my project should be done and I'll be damned if it's not. Get it together, Frida!
This is something I HIGHLY recommend for you guys because it can actually save your project when it comes to getting it done and not giving you enough time to fuck it up. Some people say that it shouldn't take more than three months to write it when all the research is done but if it's your first book (like it is mine) I don't see that big of a problem if it takes just a little bit longer.

Now I'm going to play some Skyrim (oh how I've missed thee), watch some stand-up and then go to bed. I've missed you guys. Tomorrow I might do a little bigger post about my "travels" because they're always filled with crazy stuff, but we'll see!

Love you mom,
gnight guys! ❤️

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Hey guys!

I'm sooo tired. I've been sleeping a lot lately, I don't know why, that's just the way it is. A short update today; yes, I am writing, and yes, I'm actually making some kind or progress. This is because of a book that I'll "review" later. I am alive, just tired, I haven't given up on you or your dreams (and you're not allowed to give up on yourself either!).

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my dad for a couple of days. I can already feel my stamina seeping away from me, not being able to re-load fast enough. Honestly you guys, I'm gonna "babysit" my sister, and I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't for the fact that I feel like shit. Probably no posts for a couple of days (just like any other post, huh). Don't give up, you're great, I love you mom, keep writing you guys because if you really want it, you're gonna go freaking far.

Bedtime guys ❤️

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