My web host

I use a site called to host my site. It's fairly cheap and the tools are amazing and easy to use. I've been with other hosts before, but the service here is great and if you're looking for a host then I suggest this site. As an existing customer, I also get to offer a discount on your first purchase which benefits us both. This is however not the reason I'm suggesting this site, I'm very invested in Hemsida24 and I think it's a great place for a website, whether it's an online store or just a blog.

If you buy a site using this link we both get one free month each if you sign up for the monthy-pay program, and if you sign up for a annual-pay program then we both get three months free.

If you need any more information before deciding then just message me and I'll email you the details!

The pictures I use

I mostly use amazingly beautiful photos from a picture called They allow you to download as many pictures as you want and use them however you want without asking for permission, and if you want to contribute to the site then you can donate money to either the site or a specific photographer. If other credits aren't given at the foot of a post, it's from Pexels.

Google Adsense

The ads that appear on this site are provided by Google Adsense, which is a great way to earn a (very, very) small living if you're a small-time blogger. Write and ask about it, or find out more by searching for adsense on Google. You can also click on an ad to help me out.